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Bags for two electric basses 1000 series

Padded professional line



The 1000 Series bag for two electric basses is professionalism, originality and strength. A new technology creates a hybrid that blends together craftsmanship and innovation, with a refined and gritty design. External fabric in Ripstop and shock resisting padding, despite its very slim and compact profile. This product gives you presence, resistance and a strong aesthetic impact.

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Ripstop fabric PVC coated anti-theft Ripstop fabric PVC coated anti-theft
Air mesh technology Air mesh technology
Reinforced inner band Reinforced inner band
Anti-shock foam 30 mm Anti-shock foam 30 mm
Water repellent external fabric Water repellent external fabric
Light weight (-20%) Light weight (-20%)
Optimal weight balance Optimal weight balance
2 in 1 special feature 2 in 1 special feature
On board On board
Padded laptop sleeve Padded laptop sleeve
Smartphone sleeve Smartphone sleeve

Technical specifications

External Ripstop fabric
Interior Air-Mesh fabric
Padding Polyethylene 15/30 mm
Opening 10 mm zipper
Shoulder Straps Padded in Air Mesh fabric for backpack carrying
No. of handles 2
No. of packets 4
Available colors Black

Instruments compatibility

GB1000_CL Classic guitar
GB1000_AC Acoustic guitar
GB1000_ACJ Acoustic Jumbo guitar
GB1000_EL Electric Guitar
GB1000_SA175 Hollow body 175 Guitar
GB1000_SA335 Hollow body 335 Guitar
GB1000_2EL Two Electric Guitars
GB1000_EB Electric Bass
GB1000_AB Acoustic Bass
GB1000_2EB Two Electric Basses
GB1000_ELAC Electric + Acoustic Guitars

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