100 Series

Made of real and soft leather as lining, this strap is softly padded. Adjustable by pulling a velcro or through practical brass knobs.
The 100 series is the professional!

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200 Series

Metal buckles, leather weaves, embroidery and cutwork designs.
In this series, the details make the difference

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300 Series

The drawings made by laser, the velvet lining, the leather with which it is built, everything is special: in this series nothing is obvious

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400 Series

Made of real leather, suede and smooth, the embroidered designs make these straps not only comfortable but also pleasant.

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500 Series

One of a kind the 500 series!
Some are very soft, more solid the other, padded and of different sizes.
Colored and patterned inlay, nothing is left to chance!

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600 Series

It has a slim-line and the sliding pad makes this strap easy and comfortable.

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700 Series

Zebras, leopards and pythons on fabric or leather.
Padded and screen printed on real leather.

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800 Series

A combination of advanced technology and style: neoprene, non-slip rubber, cotton, metal studs and pads. Adjustable with sliding buckle.

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900 Series

Prints, colors, embroidery and synthetic fabrics. A series of straps that stands out from the others.

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