“On stage” Style
The timeless glamor of real leather, construction material live and prince of Broadway line that decides charm, strength, presence.
An unquestionable “classic”, always present, suitable for every style and context, to be always protagonist.


State-of-the-art Technique
Stefy Line’s flagship line and diamond tip, the Route collection shines for perfect synthesis of sophisticated and gritty design, and constructive excellence: innovative outer fabrics and special paddings able to withstand any shock with shockproof systems that contributes to the original and unique look.A Route bag promises presence, endurance and aesthetic in every context.


Your music, your instrument, everywhere with everyone.
Design, technical materials and functional details are perfectly and uniquely assembled: a Square bag is the meeting and melting point of craftsmanship and state-of-the-art construction technology.
To protect your music and announce your talent anywhere.


All life long bag
A line designed to protect your instruments and win the challenge of time.
Comfort and endurance, safety and elegance: from travel to travel, from year to year, from performance to performance, the Road line is an indestructible ally who watches over your passion.


Daily design and safety
Sober and compact lines, strong materials and structures full of charm: a line inspired by the dynamism and the forms of metropolitan life, to protect your instruments in every move, to resist every bump and to ensure security to your music


Step by step, alongside your music
Resistance and durability to protect and cultivate your musical passion.
Stefy Line dedicates the Walk line to people that move first steps in the world of music: an impeccable and secure bag to launch and support your talents with elegance, convenience, style and strength

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