Guitar and electric bass

Bags for guitar and electric bass enclose the entire essence of Stefy Line’s corporate identity: from LT Series as top class, with fine finishes and carefully selected materials, to the BX Series as an entry level product, able to reach all users, even those who look out for the first time to the music world.
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The whole rangeLT SeriesSL SeriesPL SeriesKY SeriesZX SeriesEX SeriesDX SeriesCX SeriesJB SeriesHV SeriesXS SeriesJT SeriesBX Series

Everything in its right place: Stefy Line proposes padded or semirigid bags and backpack, even with trolley included. Materials, fabrics, seams and finishes are the proof of the high quality and an excellent impact resistance against everyday’s usury, protecting your instrument at every beat

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The whole rangeDB SeriesBM Series ED SeriesEB Series

Keyboard and digital piano

Thanks to the internal protection and the eco-leather inserts, keyboards and digital pianos of every dimension are preserved by external impacts. In order to guarantee top of security and comfort, Stefy Line choose strong zipper, solid handles and practical trolley for an easy transport

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The whole range KC Series KC-TR SeriesEK SeriesKB Series

String instruments

These bags are equipped by a padding and a velvet interior, able to cushion any impact.
The external waterproof and anti-moisture fabric allow violin, viola, cello and double bass to be protected from atmospheric agents. Thanks to the practical trolley your instrument will be easier to carry.

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The whole rangePO SeriesPO20 SeriesPO110 SeriesPOR220 SeriesPO120 SeriesPO126-7 Series

Wind instruments

Stefy Line realizes bags for wind instruments able to ensure maximum protection in case of accidental impacts or humidity conditions: frequent causes of permanent damage. The spacious pockets are full of space tu put everything you need into only one bag, equipped by a handle or a shoulder strap.

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SW Series

Accordion and small accordion

Bags for every model, protective padding, velvet interiors, coloured inserts and an easy transport by trolley or shoulder straps.
Stefy Line puts a special attention to this section, using only resistant and refined fabrics.

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AC20 SeriesACTR SeriesAC Series

Ethnic string instruments

Each instruments has its own shape, size and characteristics. Available for all measures, the TH bags are created for ensuring the maximum protection for your instrument: plate mandolin, Neapolitan or American, banjo, bouzuki, hud….
The TH Series was born to satisfy all your needs, and she does it with two different types of product and relative prices: the top class TH20 and the TH as entry level.

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Ethnic percussion instruments

These bags were born to safe the magical sound of your instrument.
Velvet interiors, padded inner, excellent materials, eco-leather inserts and special rubber backing will guarantee you the total reliability

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AF Series

Moduli a rack

Rack modules cases are realized with high quality materials and reliable protections: equipped with chromed metal closures and edge protectors, with rubber feet on the bottom. You can anchor the rack module to your case thanks to the Velcro and you can put your laptop, into the dedicated lateral pocket

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All collactionRC SeriesRK SeriesRK 2-PC Series

Mixers, microphones and speakers

Padded and semi-rigid, Stefy Line makes bags for mixers, microphones and speakers provided with comfortable handles and padded straps to carry them more easily. The waterproof fabric guarantees total protection of your gear in every situation.

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Stefy Line proposes well-advanced cases and bags for pedals: both rigid in wood finished in “carbon fiber” effect, both semi-rigid with eco leather details. The reclinable board is covered in carpet to allow a more ergonomic use of the pedals.

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The whole range EC SeriesEC-T SeriesEB Series

Scores holder and various bags

Keeping organized music scores, books and accessories is easy with Stefy Line’s bags and backpacks . Our scores holder are waterproof and provided of pockets especially organized for the safe transport of your music:

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The whole rangeBS-3BS-5 e BS-6BS-1BS-2

Covers and accessories for piano

The covers for piano are designed to protect the instrument from temperature changes and dust in a truly effective way. Many models are available: in fine eco leather or in reflective sunlight fabric made to allow the piano staying on outdoor stages.

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The whole range PB-CP1PB-CP2PB-CP3BS-PNPB-PV15